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Finlandsdebatten når Israel

Posted on | februari 22, 2007 | 1 Comment

Debatten om Finland och alliansen med Nazityskland har nÃ¥tt Israel. Den israeliska publikationen Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs skriver pÃ¥ sin webbplats under rubriken ”Finland’s Tarnished Holocaust Record” följande:

A few years ago it became public that Finland had handed over almost three thousand Soviet prisoners of war to the Germans during World War II. Until that time Finland had the reputation of a country that protected all its Jews, except for eight Central European Jewish refugees who were handed over to the Gestapo in Estonia.

At least seventy Soviet Jewish prisoners were extradited to the Gestapo. Finnish historians claim that these people were handed over because they were political prisoners. However, many of the Jews were barbers, carpenters, and postal workers by profession. These are highly unlikely candidates to have been political agitators or commissars.

Artikeln nämner även boken om Günther samt debatten om Finland och nazismen:

Late in 2006, the Finnish attitude during the Continuation War again became the subject of controversy. The Swedish journalist Henrik Arnstad, in a book about the Swedish wartime foreign minister Christian Günther, claims that Finland has lied about its relationship with Germany during that war. He wrote that Finland was the only Western democracy that voluntarily joined forces with Nazi Germany and is keeping quiet about it.

Arnstad’s book was criticized by Pertti Torstila, secretary of state in the Finnish Foreign Ministry. He argued that the Swedish author lacked historical perspective. Arnstad reacted by saying it was highly unusual that a foreign ministry would attack a foreign author.

The earlier-mentioned Finnish professor emeritus Heikki Ylikangas gave an important lecture in October 2004 titled, ‘What if We Were to Take the Skeletons out of the Closet?’ He observed: ‘The writing of history is always an interpretation of what happened, nothing more…. Why did our writing of history circumvent the transfers of people to Germany?’ Ylikangas claims that, first, many war veterans are still alive and the memory of the ninety thousand war fatalities has to be honored; second, history-writing since the war has largely been a continuation of the sort of research conducted shortly after the war.

Läs hela artikeln på Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs webbplats.


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  1. Mikael
    februari 25th, 2007 @ 19:15

    Det som slår mig när jag läser artikeln är den efterforskning i ämnet som pågår i Finland, i motsats till din uppfattning.

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